What is the risk of e cigarettes versus cigarettes?

The debate over whether e-cigarettes are actually healthy or unhealthy lives on well. Many people may doubt the characteristics, especially as multiple media illuminates the subject with skepticism. In this post look JustVape closer to the effects of e cigarettes and of course compares to regular cigarettes.

Namely, vaping is minimally harmful compared to normal smoking, and this is backed up by this video, in which British professors review both types of consumption.

The primary differences

The use of e cigarettes, first and foremost (among many things) obviously involves not inhaling tobacco smoke. This particular smoke contains several unhealthy substances that can end up killing. Steam is inhaled, which can even be mixed with aroma and nicotine.

Nicotine is far from the harmful part of what you know from cigarettes. Therefore, e cigarettes allow you to use nicotine without having to fall victim to the other dangerous substances in the smoke from cigarettes.

The big difference is that you do not “set fire” to your e cigarette. You inhale through water-based vapor to make a big difference to the cigarette, which is ignited by fire that burns the tobacco.

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Damage reduction using e cigarettes

Smoking is of course highly addictive and very difficult for the individual to get used to. Few people manage to stop smoking from one day to the next. Therefore, e cigarettes can be suitably used for injury reduction. It is comparable to motorists who are associated with many risks when moving in traffic. Here you do not stop driving if you have done damage, but you reduce the damage next time.

Some smokers probably don’t quit smoking either, but you can reduce the damage by using e cigarettes.

However, we see that clearly the majority of smokers completely quit smoking after they have started steaming. It is clearly the best and safest alternative available for smokers.

Comparison of chemicals

The health from a regular cigarette to an e cigarette can be determined in particular in chemicals. Most chemicals and toxins in the cigarette smoke are virtually absent in e cigarettes. Those present in the steam are about a hundred times smaller.

Aroma/e liquid is naturally a large part of the e cigarettes, and many also question the health of these. However, the taste variants are tested many times, and the research finds that they are associated with very low health risks.

The two elementary bases in e liquids, propylene glycol and glycerine, have in some cases been found to cause mild irritation in the trachea, but they certainly do not appear to produce any long-term effects.

Propylene glycol is the one that can cause irritation in very few cases, but it is easily solved by turning down propylene glycol (PG) and up Vegetable Glycerin (VG). This increases the mixing ratio at VG. Most often, 30% PG / 70% VG is enough to completely eliminate these symptoms. If not, you can also easily steam with REN VG base. So 100% VG and thus eliminate PG completely, and then these symptoms will go away.

E cigarettes at JustVape

E cigarettes are not as such medical treatment, which is why they are just popular with regular smokers. They are not for people who consider themselves “sick” and are not offered in medical contexts. E cigarettes are created for consumers, so they are fun and interesting to use at the same time. There is ample opportunity to personalize the experience by choosing your own taste and nicotine level. This can create a renewed, better experience in the smoker while maintaining old habits (such as inhalation, “mouth-to-hand” exercise and the social aspect).

Here at JustVape, of course, we are big supporters of e cigarettes, no matter what your purpose is with them. They cater to all people over the age of 18 and are safe to use. You can find all our e cigarettes here where you can choose the exact product you need – experienced or not!

Should you have any questions about the products or anything else in the field of steaming, you can always contact us on +45 42 65 65 09 or at contact@justvape.nu.


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