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E-liquid – also called E-juice – is what gives off the vapor in your e-cigarette.

E-liquids are available with different flavors of both tobacco and other flavorings such as. sweets, alcohol, coffee and much more.
In addition, e-liquid is available both with and without nicotine.

Our most popular e-liquids

Buy E-liquid with nicotine

Buy ready-mixed e liquid with nicotine that gives you the familiar taste of cigarettes.
This type of e-juice is especially suitable for you who use e-cigarettes to become smoke-free.


Buy Longfill e-liquids

Longfill e-liquids are becoming increasingly popular.
That is why we are constantly expanding our range of these cheap and quality longfill e-liquids.


Buy Shortfill e-liquids

We have a huge selection of high quality brands within Shortfills e-liquids and e-juices.
The most popular right now:


What is E-liquid?

At JustVape you will find a wide selection of e-liquids for your e-cigarette. We have both liquids with different kinds of nicotine taste, and liquids with taste of everything else, e.g. menthol, coffee, various types of alcohol, desserts, sweets, fruits and many other flavors.

The fluids are either available as pre-mixed e-liquids without or with different levels of nicotine. Or as concentrates to be blended with a base or nicotine liquid to fit your specific preferences.

Below you can read more about the five categories of e-liquids – or e-juices – that we sell, as well as more information about e-liquids and their use in e-cigarettes.

5 categories of e-liquid to choose from

Basically, you will find 5 different categories of e-liquid at JustVape.dk. Each category has its benefits and its audience. Then this is the first time you have to buy e-liquid, you can read the brief description of the various categories below. Then you better focus on which category of e-juice is right for you.


Our cannabidiol (CBD) products have quickly become popular because of their health benefits. Here you get all the benefits of the cannabis plant without being affected.

At the same time, the latest research indicates that steaming CBD fluid is an effective agent for nicotine withdrawal. This increases your chances of getting a proper smoking cessation as a result of your transition to the use of e-cigarettes.

NOTE: Our CBD liquid is exclusively for steaming e-cigarettes. They cannot be consumed in other ways.

See our selection of CBD e-liquids here!

Premium shortfills-premix

Shortfills are e-liquids with added flavoring that must be mixed with either a nicotine-containing or nicotine-free base liquid of 10 ml. The two components are purchased separately, so you can mix exactly the e-liquid that has the right taste and the right nicotine content for you.

Typically, you can choose a base liquid with either none, 6, 12 or 18 mg of nicotine, after which the base liquid is paired with the shortfill flavor and shaken to the finished e-juice.

If you use e-cigarettes as a way to become smoke-free, you will typically start with a basic liquid of 18 mg nicotine. This gives you a level of nicotine similar to what you are used to from regular cigarettes. It helps reduce the urge to smoke during the first, difficult period.

Then you can then reduce the nicotine level until you no longer need it. You can then continue steaming with the nicotine-free base fluid if you wish.

See the many different shortfills here!

Premium longfills-premix

Compared to shortfills, longfills are e-liquids with added flavoring that can accommodate a nicotine-free or nicotine-containing base liquid of either 20 or 40 ml in the bottle.

It provides the same opportunities to create an e-liquid that exactly fits your preferences, both in terms of nicotine content and the mixing ratio between VG and PG. That is, how strong the taste and steam development should be.

At the same time, the longfill fluid is more concentrated, as is the ability to increase the nicotine content over shortfills, as there is room for more nicotine base in the longfills. This allows you to achieve a level of nicotine equivalent to the amount of nicotine contained in a cigarette.

See our various longfills here!

E-liquid with nikotin

Our pre-mixed nicotine e-liquids give you the taste of cigarettes as you know it. This type of e-liquid is especially suitable for those who use e-cigarettes to become smoke-free.

As mentioned earlier, by choosing an e-liquid with a high nicotine level, you can reduce the heavy smoking craving at first. This will keep you close to the amount of nicotine you are used to – and can almost completely avoid the urge to smoke. It arises as a consequence of what nicotine does to the body.

It is precisely the urge to smoke that most often causes people to smoke again. So by maintaining nicotine levels initially, you reduce the risk of starting smoking cigarettes again.

After a while, you can then choose to decrease the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. It can happen in several smaller or larger jumps, so you can gradually get used to the body so that it does not get nicotine anymore.

Eventually, you will be able to completely do without the nicotine in your e-liquid – and thus get rid of your nicotine addiction completely.

Find your nicotine e-liquid here!

Concentrates and Aromas

If you mix your e-juice yourself, you can also choose to buy the various e-liquid components separately and mix them yourself.

Here, the various concentrates and aromas in this category allow you to create exactly the flavor of your e-liquid that you think is best. At the same time, you can choose exactly the mixing ratio between VG and PG that best suits your taste and vapor preferences, and you can control nicotine strength yourself.

At JustVape.dk you will find a wide selection of different aromas and concentrates from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. So here you will surely be able to find your favorite flavor – or be inspired to get a brand new one that you didn’t think was possible to find.

Explore concentrates and Aromas here!

Find the right e-liquid for your e-cigarette

Basically, most e-liquids can be used, regardless of the type of e-cigarette you have. Here, both e-cigarettes and coils previously provided certain restrictions. However, choosing the cheapest e-cigarettes from, the equipment rarely presents any restrictions today.

However, some e-liquids are specially developed for use in e.g. Sub ohm e-cigarettes and pods, while others are better suited for MTL kits. For the latter, e-liquids, in particular, are particularly suitable.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to study the product description closely before deciding on a new e-liquid that you have not steamed before.

Remember to choose quality coils and cotton

Most e-cigarettes today provide significantly better temperature control than before. This avoids burning the wick that forms the wick in your e-cigarette. Still, you should consider choosing a good quality cotton swab for your e-cigarette. This will prevent it from deteriorating the taste of your e-juice.

Find the right PG / VG blend ratio

Another important parameter of e-liquids is the PG / VG ratio. It is two additives that determine the strength of the taste and the vapor development. Although they have some very chemical names, they are all natural ingredients used in lots of food products and pharmaceuticals.

PG = Propylene Glycol

PG is an abbreviation for propylene glycol. It is an odorless and colorless liquid that highlights the taste of the e-liquid. Therefore, most flavor concentrates and nicotine additives will be based solely on PG.

Used at higher concentrations, PG can also provide the “neck jerk” that many smokers otherwise miss at the beginning of their careers as steamers.

PG can give you a slightly drier mouth, increased thirst or even sore throat at first. If you experience it, it is a good idea to drink some extra fluid when you start steaming. Later, you can then turn down the fluid intake again as your body gets used to the propylene glycol.

VG = Vegetable glycerine

VG stands for vegetable glycerin, and has a slightly sweet taste and a thicker texture than PG. It is used in sweets, sweeteners, various beauty products, and as a thickener in various medicines, creams and jellies.

Used in e-liquid it gives both consistency and a stronger vapor. The higher the concentration of VG, the more steam your e-cigarette gives. At higher concentrations, VG also gives a bit of a throat – though significantly milder than what you experience at high concentrations of PG. It makes high concentrations of VG more suitable for sub-ohm steaming.

However, high concentration of VG can clog your coils faster in older e-cigarettes. As a result, they do not work nearly as well – or completely stop working.

The right PG / VG ratio

The most widespread mixing ratio on e-liquid is 70% PG and 30% VG. It gives a bit of a scruff, but not so much steam generation. If the steam is important to you, or if you go up in cloud chasing, a mixing ratio of 20% PG and 80% VG will be more ideal.

Finally, you can get e-liquids with a 50/50 mixing ratio, just as you can choose e-liquids only with PG or VG.

What is right for you is a matter of taste. The only way to find out is to try it out. Many steamers also change preferences over time – most often as they become less dependent on the “cigarette experience” of vaping.

Buy e-liquid at JustVape

At JustVape you will find a large selection of e-liquids with all kinds of taste, nicotine strength and steam development.

We provide a price guarantee on all products. If you see exactly the same product in the same packaging cheaper on another webshop with a Danish CVR number.

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