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E-liquid – also called E-juice – is what gives off the vapor in your e-cigarette.

E-liquids are available with different flavors of both tobacco and other flavorings such as. sweets, alcohol, coffee and more.
In addition, e-liquid is available both with and without nicotine.

Our most popular e-liquids and Concentrates

Buy E-liquid with nicotine

Buy ready-mixed e liquid with nicotine that gives you the familiar taste of cigarettes.
This type of e-juice is especially suitable for you who use e-cigarettes to become smoke-free.


Buy Longfill e-liquids

Longfill e-liquids are becoming increasingly popular.
That is why we are constantly expanding our range of these cheap and quality longfill e-liquids.


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We have a huge selection of high quality brands within Shortfills e-liquids and e-juices.
The most popular right now:


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At Just Vape you will find a large selection of e-liquids for your e-cigarette . We have both liquids with different types of nicotine taste, and liquids with flavors of everything else, e.g. menthol, coffee, various types of alcohol, desserts, sweets, fruits and many other flavors.

There are a sea of ​​different flavors for your e cigarette. In addition to the sweet flavors and tobacco flavors, you will also find e-liquids with flavors of exotic fruits, various drinks, sweet berries or citrus, licorice and chocolate, coffee or other various beverages. There are virtually no limits to the flavors and you can definitely find something that suits you.

Some e-liquids are specially developed for use in e.g. Sub ohm e-cigarettes and pods, while others are better suited for MTL kits. For the latter, longfills e-liquids are particularly suitable.

The liquids are available either as ready-mixed e-liquid without or with different strengths of nicotine. Or as concentrates that need to be pre-mixed with a base or nicotine liquid to suit your particular preferences.

What is E-liquid with nicotine?

Our ready-mixed e-liquids with nicotine, give you the taste of cigarettes as you know it. This type of e-liquids are especially suitable for you who use e-cigarettes to become smoke-free.

You can reduce the violent urge to smoke that comes when you try to stop smoking regular cigarettes – choose an e-liquid with a high nicotine level. This will keep you close to the amount of nicotine you were used to as a smoker – and can then almost completely avoid the urge to smoke. It occurs as a consequence of what nicotine does to the body.

It is precisely the urge to smoke that most often causes people to smoke again. So by maintaining the nicotine level in the beginning, you reduce the risk of starting to smoke cigarettes again.

After a while, you can then choose to go down in nicotine strength on your e-liquid. It can happen in several smaller or larger jumps, so you can gradually get your body used to not getting nicotine anymore.

Eventually, you will be able to completely do without the nicotine in your e-liquid – and thus be completely rid of your nicotine addiction.

Nicotine Guide:

  • If you smoke 0-10 cigarettes a day, then choose 0-6 mg.
  • If you smoke 10-20 cigarettes a day, then choose 6-12 mg.
  • If you smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day, choose 12-18 mg.

Find your e-liquid with nicotine here !

What is the Premium shortfills premix?

Shortfills are e-liquids with added flavor that must be mixed with either a nicotine-containing or nicotine-free base liquid of 10 ml. The two components are purchased separately, so you can mix exactly the e-liquid that has the right taste and the right content of nicotine for you.

Typically, you can choose a base liquid with either no, 6, 12 or 18 mg of nicotine, after which the base liquid is poured together with the shortfill flavor, and shaken to the finished e-juice.

If you use e-cigarettes as a way to become smoke-free, you will typically start with a base fluid with 18 mg of nicotine. This gives you a nicotine level that is similar to what you are used to from regular cigarettes. It helps to reduce the urge to smoke during the first, difficult period.

Subsequently, you can then lower the nicotine level until you no longer need it. Then you can continue to steam with the nicotine-free base liquid if you wish.

See the many different shortfills here !

What is the Premium longfills premix?

Compared to shortfills, longfills are e-liquids with added flavor that have room for a nicotine-free or nicotine-containing base liquid of either 10 or 20 ml in the bottle.

It provides the same opportunities to create an e-liquid that exactly fits your preferences, both in terms of nicotine content and the mixing ratio between VG and PG. That is how strong the taste and steam development must be.

At the same time, the longfill liquid is more concentrated, just as it provides an opportunity to increase the nicotine content compared to shortfills, as there is room for more nicotine base in longfills. Thereby you can achieve a nicotine level that corresponds to how much nicotine is in a cigarette.

See our various longfills here !

Tips for e-liquid

  • There is actually a lot more to e liquids than just buying and steaming them. First and foremost, you should shake your e-liquid before use – every time. This ensures that your PG / VG mix, the Aroma and the nicotine are shaken together appropriately. That way, you’re always sure to get a “quality steam”.
  • You should avoid leaving your e-liquids in places where they may be affected by direct sunlight. If you are new to e-cigarettes, nicotine probably still means a lot to you. Sunlight can affect the nicotine in the liquid and actually reduce the content. You hate to find yourself paying for a product you do not get.

Mix even e-liquid gives full control

If you mix your e-juice yourself, you can also choose to buy the different components for the e-liquid separately and mix them yourself.

Here, the various concentrates and aromas allow you to create exactly the taste of your e-liquid that you think is best. At the same time, you can choose exactly the mixing ratio between VG and PG that best suits your taste and steam preferences, just as you can control the nicotine strength yourself.

At JustVape.dk you will find a wide selection of different aromas and concentrates from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. So here you are guaranteed to be able to find your favorite taste – or let yourself be inspired to get a brand new one that you did not think was possible to find.

Explore concentrates and flavors here !

Remember to choose quality wicks

Most e-cigarettes today provide significantly better temperature control than in the past. This way you avoid burning the cotton wool that makes up the wick in your e cigarette. Still, you should go up in choosing a good quality cotton ball for the wick in your e-cigarette. This way you can avoid it degrading the taste of your e-juice.

Find the right PG / VG mixing ratio

An important parameter for e-liquids is the PG / VG ratio. It is two additives that determine the strength of the taste and the evolution of steam. Although they have some very chemical names, they are all natural ingredients used in lots of food products and medicines.

PG = Propylene glycol

PG is an abbreviation for propylene glycol. It is an odorless and colorless liquid that highlights the taste of the e-liquid. Therefore, most flavor concentrates and nicotine additives will be based solely on PG.

Used in higher concentrations, PG can also give the “throat scratch” that many smokers otherwise miss at the beginning of their career as steamers.

PG may give you a slightly drier mouth, increased thirst or even a sore throat at first. If you experience this, it is a good idea to drink a little extra liquid when you start steaming. Later, you can then turn down the fluid intake again, as the body has become accustomed to the propylene glycol.

VG = Vegetable glycerin

VG stands for vegetable glycerin, and has a slightly sweet taste and a thicker consistency than PG. It is used in i.a. sweets, sweeteners, various beauty products, as well as thickeners in various medicines, creams and gels.

Used in e-liquid, it gives both consistency and a stronger steam. The higher the concentration of VG, the more vapor your e-cigarette produces. In higher concentrations, VG also gives a bit of a sore throat – however significantly milder than what you experience at high concentrations of PG. This makes high concentrations of VG more suitable for sub-ohm steaming.

However, high concentrations of VG can clog your coils faster in older e-cigarettes. As a result, they do not work nearly as well – or stop working completely.

The right PG / VG ratio

The most common mixing ratio of e-liquid is 70% PG and 30% VG. It gives a bit of a sore throat, but not near as much steam evolution. If the steam is important to you, or you go up in cloud chasing, a mixing ratio of 20% PG and 80% VG will be more ideal.

Finally, you can get e-liquids with a 50/50 mixing ratio, just as you can choose e-liquids only with PG or VG.

What is right for you is a matter of taste. The only way to find out is to try it out. Many smokers also change preferences over time – most often as they become less dependent on the “cigarette experience” by steaming.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for E-liquids

What is e-liquid?

E-liquid is used in e-cigarettes to create steam. The liquid, also called e-juice, can be with or without nicotine and contains different tastes, aromas and aromas. The e-cigarette heats the e juice between 100 and 200 degrees, which becomes the steam you can inhale from there.

What are PG and VG?

PG stands for propylene glycol, which strengthens the taste of the e-cigarette. PG is a transparent liquid that is odorless and has a mild taste. VG stands for vegetarian glycerin, and glycerin actually appears in all fats. VG is somewhat more viscous, which provides more steam, and the vegetable fat tastes quite sweet.

Which e-juice is right for me?

When choosing your next e juice or e liquid, you should consider how much the quality and taste means to you. In addition, you need to consider which flavor will suit you best. Finally, keep in mind that basic (budget) liquids are best for beginner kits and the smallest steamer equipment, and they produce far less steam and flavor. The mixing ratio, 50/50, will therefore be the most optimal choice, as the aroma goes through more clearly. However, Premium can be used if desired.

What is e-liquid made of?

E liquids consist primarily of VG / PG in different mixing ratios. This can for example be a 50/50 ratio VG / PG, which is for smaller kits, as it is not too thick in the liquid. The taste is more intense in this mixing ratio, and the coils hold better as they do not “gunker” as much.

What does “gunker” mean?

Gunker is a term for when burnt dirt from the liquid settles in the coil. This is typically done with high VG mixture, as well as with sweet liquids that contain a lot of sweetener.

How do I get more steam?

A 70/30 VG / PG distribution is best for subohm and a higher steam level. VG produces more steam and thus a denser and thicker cloud of steam. This mixing ratio is also good for a “cloud chaser”. This concept spans that one wants as much steam as possible. Therefore, this 70/30 is optimal for this type of steamer.

What is sub ohm vaping?

When there is a resistance of less than 1 Ω in the coil, it is defined as sub ohm.

What is CBD e-liquid?

Cannabidiol (CBD) e-liquid provides all the benefits of the cannabis plant without you being affected. This increases the chances that you will achieve an actual smoking cessation as a result of your transition to the use of e-cigarettes. NOTE: CBD liquid is intended exclusively for vaporizing e-cigarettes. They can not be ingested in other ways.

How do I find the right nicotine strength?

If you smoke and are used to smoking about 10 cigarettes a day, then the nicotine strength in the E-liquid can initially be 6 to 12 mg. If you smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day, you can choose 12-18 mg.

How do I store my E-liquid?

To preserve the durability of your E-liquids and E-juices, it is a good idea to place them in a dark and cool place. That way, you avoid the liquids losing flavor or becoming acidic, proper storage can allow your e-liquids to last almost indefinitely and best before the date can be disregarded.

Who produces e liquids?

E liquids are produced in factories around the world, and even to a large extent here in Denmark. Among other things, produces Crafted liquids and Sundbygaard in Denmark. These are two of the biggest brands in this country as they are well known for their high quality. In addition, Sundbygaard is well known for being a good choice for those who want good quality in the cheap end. Crafted Liquid’s range consists of shortfills and pure aroma, and they focus on a smaller product portfolio, where these few products are largely cared for.

What is the difference between basic and premium e liquid?

The expensive thing in the liquids is the aroma and all Premium liquids contain more aroma, whether it is a simple or a more complex recipe. In addition, relatively congruent flavors are used in basic e juice, whereas in Premium you mix several varieties, which creates a much more unique taste, such as in the popular Black Note . A Premium e juice usually also has a higher VG concentration, which ensures you a much fuller steam.

What characterizes premium e-liquid in Just Vape?

All our Premium fluids are Pre Steeped. Pre Steeped means that they are presumed and therefore have the right taste from the time you have mixed the nicotine shoot in the juice. Premium e-juice comes mainly from western countries such as the USA and for that matter also Denmark. In addition, Malaysia is a notable producer as they supply some of the world’s best fruit juices. Malaysia is also the country that has made Premium Juice with cooling incredibly popular all over the world.

At Just Vape, we can help you with whatever type of e-juice you are looking for.

We have a wide selection from global manufacturers. See our selection of cheap e liquid for e cigarettes here .

Should you have any questions or anything else, you can always contact us on +45 42 65 65 09 or at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!

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