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VG & PG Base

Among our large selection of bases you can find 1000ml and we also have nicotine base kits for you.

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Whether you have been a self-blender for a long time or you dream of mixing your very own e-juice, you have come to the right place. At we sell quality-assured bases that are from the largest and best manufacturer in Europe. Our bases are all only EU approved substances, so you are guaranteed the best quality. The base is the liquid you use in your e-cigarette, which turns into steam by burning in your coil. An e-cigarette without a base is just like a steam cannon for a party without steam liquid. Without steam liquid, there is no party.

Our bases all consist of pure vegetable glycerin (VG), pure propylene glycol (PG) or as a mixture of VG and PG in the desired% ratio you want .. While VG is the thick liquid, PG is the thin liquid that the aroma essences ties in best. This also means that the thicker base you use in your e-cigarette, the higher the aroma concentration needed. But how do you figure out what thickness the base of your e-cigarette should have? The thickness of the base depends entirely on your e-cigarette and its coils, so it’s all about finding the base that best suits you and your e-cigarette.



There are two ways to steam. One way is called MTL (word of mouth) and goes on, just like when you smoke a cigarette. Here the steam is drawn into the mouth, after which you inhale and draw the steam into the lungs. For this way of steaming, the liquid does not heat up as high as when steaming on a sub-ohm tank. Therefore, the liquid may be thinner here, which is why we recommend a mixture of 50VG / 50PG.

Instead, if you steam on a sub-ohm tank, RDA or RTA, the liquid heats up higher, and you have significantly larger wicking holes in your coils or in your RTA and therefore you need an e-juice that can withstand high temperatures as well not too thin and run through your coils or di build in your RTA. This method is called DL / DTL (direct-to-lung), and here you steam on your e-cigarette as if you are breathing through it. That is, the steam comes directly into the lungs. When steaming this way, we recommend a base with the mixture 20VG / 80PG,


Propylene Glycol

Part of the nicotine base consists of propylene glycol (PG). The liquid is colorless, almost odorless and clear and has a sweet taste. This liquid mixes with water and is therefore used, among other things, as a solvent in medicine. In addition, you will also find PG as an additive in foods, as a moisturizer in medicine, cosmetics, foods and tobacco as well as for smoke machines used in fire drills and for theater. PG has the e-number E1520.

Vegetabilsk Glycerin

The second part of a nicotine base consists of vegetable glycerin (VG). VG is colorless and anhydrous sugar alcohol extracted from vegetable fats and has the e-number E422. The liquid is emollient and moisturizing and is used, among other things, as a lubricant in creams and ointments. In addition, VG is included in all fats. In addition, vegetable glycerine is also used in both food and beverages as a humectant and solvent. The liquid helps to extend the shelf life of the food and is very viscous at room temperature.

What do i receive?

Among our large selection of bases you can find both bottles of 100 ml. base, but we also sell big cans in 1000ml and 5000ml and we also have nicotine base kits for you who would like to mix your nicotine bases even at home. The small nicotine bottles are most often used for filling in shortfills and can also be selected during our premix on the webshop. Our mix kits are available in 1000 ml. Here you will receive a bottle that is partially pre-filled with a VG / PG base without nicotine. In addition, you receive small nicotine bases in 10 ml bottles. liquid to be mixed in the large bottle with base. . Then the mixture has to be shaken, and then you simply lack an aroma so that you can fill your mouth with tasty steam and make large and fragrant steam clouds.

When you need to add aroma to your nicotine base, pick out the flavor you like. Under the “Aroma” tab you can get inspiration and find just the flavor you want. But how do you know how much aroma is going to be in your mix? Don’t worry, we have you covered so you can find this information under each aroma. If you want to buy extra bottles, syringes or pipettes for your self-mixing, these are also available under the “DIY” tab. It hardly gets any easier.


ONLY the best products for you! has only VG / PG / VPG bases and nicotine base kits from the largest and best manufacturer in Europe. NO REPLACEMENT ON US! You thus obtain the most pure and highest assurance that you will get a flawless product that comes directly from the factory. Some would probably say why is it so important now if I can save $ 20 on a nicotine base kit just because it is re-bottled? Remember that you take these products into your body when you steam, just like if you drank a Coke! Would you buy a Coke 0.5l from a kiosk that was re-bottled in their back room from 2L bottles for a small saving? We doubt some would, as there is no certainty as to how this cola is now re-bottled in hygienic bottles and environments or has been diluted with water or the like. That is why we only favor original products that are produced according to the strictest rules there are! All nicotine base kits have been reported to the Swedish Safety Agency and can be found on the Swedish Security Agency’s website for notified products. They also come with child-proof lids. Simply squeeze the lid and turn counterclockwise to start mixing yourself. The nicotine bases have a shelf life of 2 years in the unopened state (If stored in the dark and cool). When the base is mixed, they keep about 1 year in the opened and mixed state. We recommend keeping them dark, dry, cool for long durability and inaccessible to children and animals.

Bases and Nicotine Bases should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding children and adolescents under 18, non-smokers, people with hypersensitivity to the ingredients or people suffering from cardiovascular disease. In case of discomfort you should seek medical attention and bring the package leaflet.

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