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Stopping smoking can be hard but with nicotine pouches or vape products, it can be much easier to stop smoking. There are many benefits to stopping smoking; vaping and nicotine pouches are one way to look for a super-refreshing alternative. Nicotine Pouches is 100% tobacco-free, available in the EU and provides complete satisfaction with no negatives, such as spitting or stained teeth. There are hundreds of clean, fresh flavours, from the world’s top nicotine pouch brands like ZYN, VELO, LYFT and now the most famous vaping brand in the EU Elf Bar, has released TACJA! Strengths start as low as 12 mg/g and soar to a whopping 20 mg/g, so you will find something that suits you. Moreover, the various pocket-sized formats, such as super-slim and mini, mean you can use them anytime and anywhere.

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