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What is an E-cigarette?
E-cigarettes are a relatively new product on the market. A new product which has also become quite popular with many smokers.

An E-cigarette (or E-smoke) consists of three parts. A battery, a container and a small burner (Coil). When the e-cigarette is lit, the liquid that is in the small container / tank is heated. The liquid is called E Liquid or E-juice, and contains both the desired amount of nicotine and the taste you experience when you steam.

How much money can I save with e-cigarettes?
There is a big difference between using an electronic cigarette, rather than smoking the regular cigarettes with tobacco. The e-cigarette is, firstly, much cheaper, but also much healthier than a regular cigarette. You also save a lot of money if you choose to replace your cigarettes with an E-cigarette. In fact, you can save up to 70-80% of the cost associated with regular cigarettes.

Why use an E-cigarette?
There can be many different good reasons to try one of the many different electronic cigarettes. Maybe you have been a smoker for many years and now want to quit smoking completely. Or maybe you just have a desire to try to reduce your consumption of cigarettes – maybe by half.

If you replace ordinary cigarettes with the electronic cigarettes, you will avoid many of the toxic substances found in the cigarettes. You can also wave goodbye to discolored teeth, clothes that smell of tobacco smoke and the bad cigarette breath.

When you replace tobacco smoke with steam, you will also in a very short time experience that your sense of taste and smell will be clearly improved. This also applies to your lung function and therefore also your fitness, which will be significantly better than if you continue to smoke regular cigarettes.

Which E-Cigarette is the Best?
Finding the perfect E-cigarette is individual. It is therefore not certain that you should go out and buy the same E-cigarette as your friend, as the experience may be completely different from person to person.

When it comes to investing in your new e-cigarette, it’s basically about trying yourself out. There is also a difference between what a taste and how much steam you would like out of your E-cigarette, and therefore our good advice is to try you out with different flavors and any nicotine strengths.

Which brands are the best?
With us you will find the best brands in E-cigarettes. This applies to brands such as Innokin,UWell and Eleaf.

– Innokin is one of the leaders in the development of E-cigarettes. The technology of e-cigarettes contains, among other things, magnetic compounds. With an E-cigarette from Innokin, you also have the option of steaming while the E-cigarette charges – and that’s smart. Innokin’s various products are especially known for their smart designs and materials in an absolute top quality that can last for a long time.
– One of the brand new brands in electronic cigarettes is the Chinese brand UWell. UWell was founded in 2015, and has since become a favorite brand among many steamers. The company produces high quality products, where innovation of each individual product is paramount. In the products from UWell, you will often experience really large steam clouds, which is one of the reasons why the products have become a big favorite among many steamers.
– Another good brand is Eleaf. Eleaf is a brand that started back in 2011. Thus, the brand has become one of the most seasoned manufacturers in e-cigarettes. The brand is known for delivering products in a super good quality and at reasonable prices, where everyone can participate. The brand has, among other things, produced many recognized products such as the Pico series, the iJust series and Melo, which you can find here at Justvape.nu

Can e-cigarettes be used for smoking cessation or downsizing?
Yes, e-cigarettes are really good for you who want to quit smoking. Or you who just want to step down on nicotine addiction. You can easily find many different preparations, all of which promise to help you reach your goal. But it is only E cigarettes that do not contain the addictive nicotine and that can replace the smoke that comes from smoking regular cigarettes.

By steaming, you therefore get an authentic alternative to your normal smoking.

If you want to reduce your consumption of nicotine, you have the opportunity to control it yourself with an E-cigarette. The e-liquids are found in different nicotine strengths. Therefore, you can initially choose a liquid with the same nicotine strength, which corresponds to the nicotine intake you get through regular smoking. You can then gradually choose to use an E-liquid with a lower nicotine content. Until you are finally completely free of your nicotine addiction.

There are many good things about smoking rather than smoking regular cigarettes. One of the benefits is that it does not take very long before it becomes cheaper than smoking real tobacco. As a starting point, your expenses will be reduced up to 70-80% overall. For example, if you are used to smoking 20 cigarettes a day, as most are, you spend around DKK 14,600 a year on smoking. If you choose to steam instead, and do not let yourself be tempted by all the new equipment and the many different flavors, then it is much cheaper to buy one of the popular electronic cigarettes.

Should I buy e-liquid with or without nicotine?
At Justvape.dk, we believe that E-cigarettes are a good alternative to cigarettes. With the many different varieties of E-liquids, you have the opportunity to control how much nicotine they should contain and choose your favorite taste. If you smoke and are used to smoking about 10 cigarettes a day, then the nicotine strength in the E-liquid should initially be about 6 to 12 mg.

As most people know, smoking is not healthy for the body. Neither for the smoker themselves nor for their circle of friends. Smoking damages the body, it smells and even gives a bad breath.

There are many smokers who want to quit smoking altogether. Here, the popular electronic cigarettes can be a great help in getting well through the detoxification of the addictive nicotine as well as other toxic chemicals found in the tobacco.

What is the difference between e-liquid and e-juice?
E-liquid and E-juice are two expressions of the same thing, namely the liquid that you need to create steam in your e-cigarette.

What characterizes the many E-liquids is that they all contain Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The two substances help to give you the familiar and rich vapor from your E-cigarette.

The liquid also contains aromas and flavors. Among other things, flavors of tobacco, menthol, licorice, mango, raspberry, caramel, wine gum, fruit and many other flavors. The liquid may also contain nicotine in several different concentrations.

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What is Sub Ohm Steaming?
Steaming Sub Ohm simply means that you are steaming with a coil that is below 1 Ohm. Many seasoned steamers choose Sub Ohm to try something new when steaming. Steaming sub ohms requires a little more advanced equipment, but it allows you to play and experiment with the steam world.
If you choose to steam Sub Ohm, be aware that the lower the Ohm, the higher Watt must be used.
What accessories can I get for electronic cigarettes?
If you buy one of the popular E-cigarettes, you will also need a little different accessories. First of all, you will need a good charger. For example, you can buy a charger that you can easily use in the cigarette lighter in your car, or if you have a USB port. We also recommend that you invest in a good case so that you can protect your E-cigarette from any damage.

Find more accessories for e-cigarettes.

Legislation and quality assurance
If you buy your E-cigarette at Justvape.nu, you can be sure that all legal requirements are met. When you buy your E-liquid from us, it is delivered in a package where you can read about the liquid’s nicotine content and product declaration.

At Just Vape, we can help you with whatever e-cigarettes you are looking for.

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