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Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger

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Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger

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Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger

Charger for 4 Li-Ion batteries at 0.25, 0.5, 1 or 2A, and NIMH and NI-CD at 0.25 or 0.5A.

Equipped with an LCD screen on the upper part, this charger from Efest allows you to follow the charge and know the status of the batteries. It also has a USB port to charge a box, a smartphone, headphones … An exceptional charger to take care of your batteries.

The new version of the LUC V4 charger

Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger
Efest has designed a new jewel for the LUC charger range. Indeed, the V4 sees its little brother landed, the LUC V4 Elite charger. This new charger keeps the strong points of its predecessor: Quality electrical contacts, a more than solid ABS construction and finally the LCD screen.

A charge that takes care of the batteries

Regarding the charging itself, the LUC V4 Elite takes care of up to 4 different batteries. Its external compartments are larger to accommodate large batteries. It is possible to mix different types of batteries (Li-Ion) and rechargeable batteries (Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd). The charger can accommodate batteries 10440 to 26650. For the vape, it supports 18650 batteries and 21700 batteries.

Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger

In addition to having the ability to recharge 4 batteries simultaneously, the LUC V4 Elite takes care of them. The management module charges them in 3 steps to guarantee a longer life:

  1. The low current starts the chemical reaction gently
  2. The constant current performs the main charge from 0.5 to 2A
  3. The constant voltage finishes the job with a smooth charge between 4 and 4.2 volts.

A fast and multi-functional charge

In addition to taking care of the batteries, the LUC V4 Elite charger charges them quickly. It delivers 20 watts, or 5 volts at 4 amps. Depending on the number of batteries being charged, it adapts the current distribution between 1 and 2A for Li-Ion batteries, and between 025 and 0.5A for Ni-Mh/Cd batteries.

This charger also has a dual USB port, to charge in addition to the batteries, and equipment daily. For the vape, it is possible to charge a box or a pod at the same time as the batteries. Or charge his phone or headphones. The LUC V4 Elite charger is not limited to charging batteries and goes out of the box to be extremely practical in everyday life.

Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger

An XXL LCD screen

This is undoubtedly the major element of this charger, its LCD screen. Of course its performance is top notch but the screen adds a touch of clarity and precision. Indeed, it is used to display all the useful information such as the nature of the batteries (ni-Mh or Li-Ion), the speed of charge, the current voltage of the batteries, but also the capacity of each battery in charge.

Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger

Protections and certifications

The LUC V4 Elite charger has 6 protections to avoid all possible accidents. In particular, there is a protection to avoid misdirection of the batteries, a protection against short-circuits…

Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger

This charger from Efest is powered by a 12V/2A transformer provided and equipped with a Dc connector.

Efest LUC V4 ELITE 4 Slots Charger



Contents :

  • 1 x Charger Luc V4 Elite
  • 1 x Power supply 12V/2A
  • 1 x User Manual


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