If you’re into High-End Mechanical Mods and haven’t heard of Deathwish Modz, you’re missing out. Maxime Dube, the creator of Death Wish Modz, is known for producing top-of-the-line Mechanical Mods, on limited runs, with timeless designs.

Deathwish Modz has the most intricate and tasteful etchings you’ve ever seen. Maxime draws his inspiration from mythological characters and creatures with hundreds to thousands of years of their own lore and mythology behind them. Each produced in limited quantity 500-1000 piece runs. Not only that, Maxime has added key innovations to each of his pieces like the Ball Bearings in his unholy RDA (for unique build options), to the Smart Contact System in his tube mechs that allow for easy switching between battery sizes.

Deathwish Modz Toronto has been producing unique top-of-the-line pieces for many years now. If you’re looking for a unique limited edition high-end mechanical mod, made with the highest quality material, then Death Wish Mod is for you. will always have the most recent Death Wish Modz products as our favorite Mechs!

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