Eleaf & Smok – the most popular brands in e-cigarettes?

Eleaf and Smok are two mastodonts in e-cigarettes, and well-known brands when you think of yourself. We come here with the guide that compares the two companies so you are dressed the next time you have to buy your e-cigarette.

About Eleaf

Eleaf is a manufacturer from Shenzhen, located just outside Hong Kong. At Eleaf you produce e-cigarettes, ejuices, liquid containers and other e-cigarette equipment. In fact, they cover the entire palette within an e-cigarette, and Eleaf has quickly become a world-renowned brand, due to their sustained performance combined with a creative approach.

eleaf & smok

About Smok

Originally, smok is also from Shenzhen, where the factory is still located. SMOK centers its business on electronic cigarettes and its associated research, development, production and sales in all markets worldwide. This has resulted in more than 80 million consumers enjoying the products from there. Smok’s vision is not only to provide high quality products, but also to contribute to a healthier alternative to tobacco, which can improve the health of many people.

eleaf & smok

What are the benefits of Eleaf and Smok?

For many years, Eleaf has been a front-runner in the technology and innovation in this competitive market. It is the safe choice as it is simple and easy to use and it is still high quality. The design is not flashy, but it can be used for all generations.

Smok is known for delivering fantastic e-cigarettes to hardcore vapers. They mostly produce huge mods and giant tanks that can deliver huge clouds. Despite the launch of Smok in 2010, the company can already take the business of being the first to create dual coil devices and batteries that can take incredibly high watts. In recent times, they also launched the first e-cigarette with Bluetooth accessories. As may be sensed, Smok is thus a trendsetter in e-cigarettes. They follow the latest trends and work hard to implement them in their products.

Eleaf or Smok? What should you choose?

Smok is mostly for the experienced vaper who wants the wildest and most attractive in the industry. They have always been firstmovers and you can expect that in the future they will be the first to innovate the technology. However, the technology and design does not appeal to the older generation, which should therefore consider buying Eleaf. As mentioned, Eleaf is the safe choice and they are versatile. This means that they are aimed at every consumer, whether you are an experienced or a beginner.

Eleaf & Smok at JustVape

As mentioned above, we can offer a wide range of products from both brands at JustVape.dk. We hope, therefore, that the guide can help you with the next e-cigarette. You can see our Eleaf products here and our Smok products here. Should you have any inquiries, you can always contact us on +45 42 65 65 09 or at contact@justvape.nu. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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