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Aspire is another Chinese vape brand, founded in 2013, focusing on very high quality products. Aspire has placed a strong focus on forming strong and close relationships with its international distributors and partners, so that they have always been able to receive quick and effective support. Since its inception, Aspire has been a pioneer and a first-mover in relation to the innovation in the steam industry. It is a relatively new player in the industry and they are developing rapidly as they have already positioned themselves as one of the leading brands.


Aspire has gained special recognition in their Nautilus series, which has revolutionized the way of vaping. This allowed, for the first time, an adjustable flow of air. Among other things, this series made the brand world-renowned in the first place, and since then they have managed to live up to their role as first-mover. They launched sub-ohm steaming, which remains very popular today. However, these holdings are not enough for Aspire and there is a unique zeal to continue the innovation.


None of these holdings happened by chance. The development would be possible without their quality control, which is very strict and unique, which ensures the highest quality. This is done not only by the company, but with the help of international designers and researchers. These help to develop new products that provide consumers with the best and most healthy alternatives to tobacco.


Aspire does not want to compete on prices, you want to let the products speak for themselves. The focus is on the latest high-quality technologies and a beautiful design. Therefore, the target audience is also the serious and experienced steamers who are willing to pay for the above.

Aspire at Just Vape

Just Vape is proud to be able to supply several Aspire products to ensure the best vape experiences. See our committee here and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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