Premium Longfills-Premix

Longfill liquids are becoming increasingly popular. So we are constantly expanding our range in this area.
The biggest advantage, apart from the always very cheap price, is that you can determine the mixing ratio of VG and PG completely yourself. It is also possible to increase the amount of nicotine compared to short fill liquids, since there is much more space in the long fill bottles. Because a Longfill Liquid is nothing more than aroma in a larger bottle that has to be diluted with base so that it can be vaporized.
Longfill e-liquids usually have the following size / quantity of aroma:
30ml bottle with 10ml aroma
60ml bottle with 10ml or 20ml aroma
100ml bottle with 10ml or 20ml aroma


Due to high inflation and high fuel prices, the shipping couriers have increased the prices from 1 January 2023.
We are of course sorry the prices went up, but sadly everything is increasing in prices at the moment at lightning speed due to high inflation.

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