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Suicide Bunny – Proven 120ML

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Suicide Bunny – Proven 120ML

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This item: Suicide Bunny - Proven 120ML

Availability: In stock

1 × Nicotine base 10ml
Nicotin Base

Availability: In stock

1 x 10ml Nicotine base 0mg = 0mg - 1 x 10ml Nicotine base 9mg = 1.5mg - 1 x 10ml Nicotine base 18mg = 3mg

Suicide Bunny – Proven 120ML

For nearly a decade, the Suicide Bunny brand name has been synonymous with quality, authenticity, and exclusivity. Their assortment of flavors has earned a truly staggering array of awards and accolades from all across the globe. Their flagship creation, Mother’s Milk, is unquestionably one of the most popular flavors in the history of e-juices. As such, it is with tremendous enthusiasm to introduce a new spin on this legendary favorite—Proven. This magnificent concoction is so tasty, you will never want to put it down!

Proven E-Juice by Proven is one of those rare flavors that can genuinely be classified as “extraordinary.” Similar in profile to Suicide Bunny’s smash hit, Mother’s Milk, Proven is an intensely flavorful strawberries and cream blend that is unlike anything you have tried. The robustness and potency of flavor will blow you away from the very first hit. Smooth, velvety, and unequivocally scrumptious, Proven is pure vaping nirvana.

All orders are shipped with:
– 100ml  juice remember to buy 2 x 10 ml nicotine base

Nicotine Booster is sold separately, no nicotine base is included.

PG / VG: 30/70

Use our Nicotine Guide HERE to choose your desired strength.

Suicide Bunny - Proven 120ML

Nicotin Booster

No Booster, 0mg PG50/VG50 = 0 mg, 0mg PG30/VG70 = 0 mg, 18mg PG50/VG50 = 3 mg, 18mg PG30/VG70 = 3 mg, 18mg PG0/VG100 = 3 mg


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